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creat a corporate account with North Shore Taxi By creating a corporate account with North Shore Taxi, you can ensure reliable and seamless transportation for yourself, your clients, or your out-of-town guests, whenever the occasion arises.

Conveniently, corporate accounts are billed once monthly, making immediate payment for individual trips unnecessary.

Below are just a few advantages of holding a corporate account with North Shore Taxi:

  • Corporate account holders benefit from our company’s long-standing familiarity with both pick-up and drop-off locations on the North Shore, Downtown Vancouver and around the Lower Mainland.
  • North Shore Taxi offers flexible schedules and can accommodate special requests…providing a customer service-oriented experience tailored to the specific needs of our clients.
  • Corporate account holders can pre-arrange regularly scheduled pick-ups.
  • Corporate account holders can utilize vouchers for any one-off occasions

Please download and complete the application form and fax it to 604-987-6735
Download formDownload Personal Credit Application form here

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