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Taxi Fares

Taxis in British Columbia must charge rates that are set or approved by the Passenger Transportation Board.

Fares for all taxi services in the Province of British Columbia are strictly regulated, and are set or approved by the Passenger Transportation Board, an independent tribunal in British Columbia established under the Passenger Transportation Act. The Board’s primary responsibility is to make decisions on applications relating to the licensing of passenger-directed vehicles (e.g. taxis, limousines, shuttle vans) and inter-city buses in British Columbia.

 The regulations are intended to create an environment where passengers are charged reasonable and predictable fees for transportation services, and to ensure that operators maintain safe and comfortable conveyances.

Rates for Taxicab Companies

The following rates and taxi meter formula is implemented on January 5, 2019:

Type of Rates Rounded Rates with 12% HST Taxi meter formula with 12% HST included
Flag 3.25 $3.25 for the first 53.25 metres
Distance (per km) 1.88 $0.10 for each additional 53.32 metres
Wait Time (hourly) 33.55 $0.10 for each consecutive 10.73 seconds (or $33.5529 per hour)

For more information, please visit Passenger Transportation Board website

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