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The following professional bodies outline specific, mandated requirements for driving a taxi on Vancouver’s North Shore:


North Shore Taxi new driver requirements:

(a) Must hold a valid Class 1, 2 or 4 BC Driver’s license.

(b) Must have passed the Taxi Host Pro program from JIBC referenced above.

(c) Must not have more than three demerit points over the last three years on ICBC Driver Abstract (N Print).

(d) Must not have had more than one at fault accident over the last five years.

(e) Must not have a Criminal record.

(f) Cannot have an ICBC claim history during the last 6 years.

(g) Must have one colour passport-sized picture.

(h) Must hold Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant status.

(i) Must be a minimum of 19 years old.

(j) Must possess a GST/HST business number from Canada Revenue Agency

(k) Must provide proof of Worksafe BC Personal Option Protection coverage.

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